Hangeul provides a personal and fun experience of understanding the Korean language on a mobile phone.

UI/UX design | 2016

Winner of the 2017 Applied Arts Student Awards


a home away from home


In order to make the experience of learning a foreign language feel less alien, rigid, and boring, I created this app to allow people of all ages to enjoy a new language in a new place.

The main dashboard consists of Dictionary, Draw/Write, Camera, Word Fishing (mini game), and Customize, arranged in a way that users would organize their desktop area at home. 

It reflects the element of familiarity and home, emphasizing how learning can be a comfortable, personal experience, despite being in an unfamiliar place.







The main search hub shows the users the word of the day and gives users the option of writing out or typing out the word to search.

The dictionary covers both English to Korean and Korean to English.


draw / write


The draw feature allows users to test out writing the language and/or mimic words they see on various signs. 

The app will provide a list of possible combinations from what the user drew. 


camera / photo


The camera feature can detect and directly translate the words written on products, street signs, books, and more on a real-time camera.

It is effective for travelling, wayfinding, and various situations that require physical interactions with the language.

Users also have the option to choose a photo from their photo library.




Word Fishing is a mini game that tests the users' speed in interpreting and translating the words they see.

The points earned in the game allows the users to gain the "currency" in the app which are the red and gold apples.

The apples can be used for unlocking new furniture for their rooms. 

The concept and game interface was not fully developed in the prototyping process.




The Customize feature personalizes the learning process that although it does not contribute to the actual language learning, it allows the users to customize the main hub to fit their own existing room, or make the room look and feel like their home.

various personalities




user flow


Much of the app features are centered around the definition of a word as it deals with quick input and quick result.

No matter which feature the users choose, they are guaranteed results on a familiar interface.

color palette




There are still many aspects of the app that are underdeveloped. 
The current app only consists of various ways to translate the Korean language.

I also considered incorporating a Lessons feature which allows users to download separate lessons (grammar, spelling, conversations, etc.) to enhance their learning experience. However, the addition may lead to overloading the users with too many features.

I chose to keep the app simple and with a more concrete purpose; which is to help users who find themselves having to physically interact with another language to find a quick and easy way to understand them.

When I get the chance, I wish to further develop the gamification of the app. More mini games and a concrete in-app currency system would give the users more control in what they wish to enjoy and make the learning process exciting.

This app can be expanded to different languages, each with aesthetics that reflect its cultural identity.