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joanna song | 송채영


graphic designer, illustrator, & ysdn student born in seoul, living in toronto,
just here to have a good time.

enjoys corn on a cob, ghost stories, jazz, video games, anime, milk tea, collecting movie tickets (since 2005), and sparkly emoji ✨

lately delving into striped fashion and enamel pins.

(psst, i also draw : tumblr / twitter)

photo by zhenzhu pohl



Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro*, After Effects* ● Paint Tool SAI ● Clip Studio Paint ● HTML & CSS

* = still learning



Fluent English

Fluent Korean

Conversational Japanese

Basic ASL



Adobe Awards 2019 - Top Talent
>> Stripes Anthology

Applied Arts Magazine 2019 - Student Winner
>> Stripes Anthology

Applied Arts Magazine 2017 - Student Winner
>> Hangeul: immersive dictionary app


let's talk about us.

I want to collaborate with you on future projects and jobs!